Summer School 2017

Do you know what the best ever way to learn to speak a foreign language???  The best way to speak is… to simply start speaking! Imagine that you are in Poland surrounded by interesting things that wait to be explored…what should you do? Speak Polish!!  You want to ask that attractive girl or guy their name? Speak Polish!!! You want to order something in a restaurant that looks so mouth-watering? Speak Polish! You want to communicate with your team members in a match so you can win? Speak Polish!

You want to understand an interesting dialogue in a Polish movie? You will have the opportunity!

Of course we do not throw out language leaning theories or many of the time-tested traditional methods of study. We provide all these elements through our partnership with ‘Polish For You’, the first private school of Polish as a foreign language in Poznań. However, we add much practice to the theoretical classes. You will have thousands of opportunities to apply your newly studied material in real life. We will involve you in the cultural life of Polish youth. You will be given a brief glimpse into the history and traditions of Poland in very entertaining and innovative ways. As an academic institution with more then 20 years experience in education, we understand that fun and enjoyment can be an important  part of the learning process.

The entire process of learning Polish and living in Poland will take place in the very heart of Poznan, a 900 year old city at the crossroads of Central Europe. This beautiful and historic environment will inspire you not only to study Polish and learn about Poland and meet new people. We also hope you will be motivated to stay with us, the European University of Business and earn a bachelor’s degree in management. You are most welcome.

And don’t forget that being in the heart of Europe will afford you the opportunity to travel around the entire continent. You will be a few hours by bus to Berlin and short plane rides from many major European cities. We will provide you with full assistance for the duration of your Polish adventure.    

Summer Camp (1)


Register now to either 3-month-school or one-month course. It is up to you. If you wish to be enrolled without full package that includes accommodation and meals feel free to register for basic programme for 470 EUR/month in July or August.

European University of Business
Niedziałkowskiego 18
61-579 Poznań, POLAND


Account Number: PL 54 2030 0045 3110 0000 0028 5290
Bank Identifier Code (BIC): PPABPLPK
"Summer School with Polish Language - [name and surname of the participant]" 


790 EUR770 EUR100 EUR
entry fee – 25 EURentry fee - 25 EURno entry fee
80 Polish classes + 16 language workshops and extracurricular activities (teaching materials included)84 Polish classes + 16 language workshops and extracurricular activities (teaching materials included)48 Polish classes + teaching materials
2 workshops about Poland and Polish culture2 workshops about Poland and Polish culturelanguage education certificate
workshops (cooking, dancing, theater, singing)workshops (cooking, dancing, theater, singing)
watching films watching films
cultural lecturescultural lectures
guided tours of Poznanpublic transportion card
trips outside Poznanfood (breakfast + lunch on class days)
public transportion cardaccommodations in the center of Poznan
food (breakfast + lunch on class days)full assistance of our young and creative staff
accommodations in the center of Poznanlanguage education certificate
full support of our young and creative staff
language education certificate